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The Carol Burnett Show is a sketch comedy TV series that ran from 1967 to 1978 on CBS. It starred Carol Burnett, along with regular performers Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway, Lyle Waggoner, and Dick van Dyke.

Carol Burnett's signature character, the Charwoman, was featured on the show as a cartoon character in the opening credits, as well as in many skits and songs over the years. Burnett also performed this character during her appearance on The Muppet Show. Burnett also recorded her segments for Sesame Street on the set of her show, specifically during production of episodes #301 (for bits appearing in Sesame's first season and pilot shows) and #401 (for Sesame's second season).

One of the show's long-running sketches "The Family" (with Burnett, Lawrence, and Korman as squabbling relatives) led to the sitcom Mama's Family (with Burnett and Korman reprising their roles for the first two network seasons and Korman hosting as an Alistair Cooke take-off, before the show re-emerged in syndication without them).

Muppet Mentions

Carol Burnett Show Poppyseed Street credits

Carol Burnett Show Poppyseed Street credits

Shout! Factory released all seven seasons of the show in a marathon format on several streaming channels, but each episode was edited down from 52 minutes to 22 minutes. Amazon Prime carried these episodes, including the 12/7/70 broadcast. The "Poppyseed Street" parody was removed, but the episode's credits feature the actors still in their costumes from that sketch.

  • In a sketch from 10/26/70, Carol and Bernadette Peters are in a bridal shop, discussing their boyfriends. Carol: "My boyfriend doesn't even understand Sesame Street."
  • In a sketch from 11/30/70, Carol and Debbie Reynolds are trying to film a coffee commercial, and Debbie asks the person directing the commercial, "Can you get this commercial on Sesame Street?"
  • In the same episode, Don Rickles plays a painter who gets into an argument with Harvey Korman (playing Carol's husband) over how to paint their house. At one point, Rickles starts painting letters on him, saying he learned them on Sesame Street.
  • In a sketch from 11/24/71, called "Ironstreet & Wife", a cop is trying to explain something to the criminal over and over, and somebody says, "What is this, Sesame Street?"
  • In a sketch from the 1971-1972 season, Paul Lynde plays a criminal talking about his career counterfeiting money: "I learned it on Sesame Street."

Mama's Family

  • In the season one episode "Positive Thinking," Eunice gets angry when she finds out most of her lines for a play were given to a scene-stealing actress named Sally. When Sally says Eunice is lucky that the theater would let her on stage, Eunice replies back, "Well, I don't see you on Broadway, Miss Piggy!"
  • In the season four episode "Mama on Jeopardy," Vinton says the questions they ask on Jeopardy are tough and then Thelma "Mama" Harper replies "Vinton, you couldn't answer the questions on Sesame Street." Later, Vinton says "Mama's wrong! The only time Big Bird ever stumped me was with a silent "K."


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