Written by Michael Teitelbaum
Illustrator Peter Elwell
Published 1985
Publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston
ISBN 0030045541

The Cave of the Lost Fraggle is a 1985 Fraggle Rock storybook.

Red and Gobo are playing "Last One In" at the Fraggle Pond. Red thinks she has won the game, but Wembley points out that maybe Gobo won. Enraged, Red declares that there isn't anything Gobo is better at, and he dares her to explore the Cave of the Lost Fraggle. After making it over the River of the Raging Rapids, past the Mountain of Many Mysteries, and across the Marsh of the Mushy Mushrooms, Red arrives at the Cave. Stopping to eat a Radish that Mokey had packed for her, Red becomes lost. Thinking she hears the voices of Fraggles who were lost in the cave before her, she is relieved to find it is Gobo. Concerned that she would become lost, he and the others formed a Fraggle chain in the caves, leading all the way back to the entrance.

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