Written by Linda Hayward
Illustrator Carol Nicklaus
Published 1983
Publisher Golden Press
Series Sesame Street Book Club

The City Worm and the Country Worm is a 1983 Sesame Street storybook which tells an underground version of the story of the City Mouse and the Country Mouse.

Slimey the Worm's cousin Squirmy visits Sesame Street. When Oscar the Grouch makes Slimey angry, he decides to visit Squirmy in the country. He then gets to experience what it's like to live in Squirmy's home. But when a robin almost grabbed them for breakfast, Slimey realizes that living in city is much safer for him and he and Squirmy both decided that their own environment is best for themselves. When Slimey returns home, he reconciles with Oscar.


  • This book was adapted in the video Three Sesame Street Stories. In the adaptation, Slimey was renamed "Squiggly" and voiced by a different actor due to the absence of Martin P. Robinson for the video.
  • Big Bird makes a brief appearance talking with Oscar while Slimey and Squirmy are sitting on the Sesame Street sign.

Other editions

The book was reissued in 1993 by Reader's Digest.


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