The Count's Storybook Theatre is a recurring Sesame Street sketch that premiered during Season 24.

From his castle, The Count would read a classic piece of numerical literature, often featuring him in a leading role. Each sketch was bookended by a shot of a table with a pop-up book of the sketch's story and a candelabra, which would typically be blown out as the segment closed. The segment's theme was composed by Dave Conner.

A later sketch was similarly titled "The Count's Fairytale Theatre," but lacked the segment's bookends and theme.

Picture Story / First Appearance Description
Countilocks and the Twenty Rabbits
Episode 3117
The Count reads the story of "Countilocks and the Twenty Rabbits" starring himself as Countilocks. Countilocks walks through the forest with the intention of counting her friends, The Three Bears. When she discovers that they have moved to Florida, she counts the tree's new residents.
The Magnificent 7
Episode 3147
The Count reads the story of "The Magnificent 7" who would save a village from becoming lonely. A mediocre 7 and a magnificent 5 show up first, to the behest of the villagers. Next time on The Count's Storybook Theatre: "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
Snoring Beauty
Episode 3207
The Count reads the story of "Snoring Beauty" played by the Countess, who is put under a spell to sleep. The Count comes by and counts her snores despite that Countess never woke up from the Count's counting or from the thunder and lighting when the Count reaches 10 snores. Next time on The Count's Storybook Theatre: The Count will read 5 stories for us.
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