Songs from Sesame Street
Released 1975
Format LP
Label Sesame Street Records
Cat no. CTW 22069
The counts countdown

The Count Counts is a Sesame Street concept album, which presents a radio broadcast of The Count's Countdown series, on the FM-style radio station "Radio 1-2-3", complete with station jingles, news, weather, and commercials. Also featured on this album are several alternate versions of songs originally found in Bud Luckey's animated Sesame Street shorts, here performed by Jerry Nelson (as the Alligator King and others), Richard Hunt and Jim Henson (as the Amazing Slim).

The station broadcasts "direct from the Sesame Street Studios high above Hooper's Candy Store," with Guy Smiley as station ID and commercial announcer.

This album was later released as part of the 2-LP set, The Count Presents Numbers. The album was made available for the first time on CD on the 3-disc set Old School: Volume 2 in 2010, along with The Year of Roosevelt Franklin and Grover Sings the Blues.

The album was adapted into an episode of the show as Episode 1045.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Introduction
    Written by Joseph A. Bailey
  2. Ladybug's Picnic - Dwayne Wayne
  3. Counting Is Wonderful - The Count
  4. It's a Lovely Eleven Morning - Tammy Whynot
  5. The "15" Commercial - Guy Smiley
    Written by Joseph A. Bailey
  6. Ten Turtles - The Amazing Slim and His Country Turtlenecks
  7. The Count's Weather Report - The Count
    Written by Joseph A. Bailey
  8. Martian Beauty - The Mariners Nine
  9. Numerical Correspondence (Sing a Song of Numbers) - The Transylvanian Symphony
  10. Candy Man - Jerry Lee Nelson
  11. It's Been a Long, Long Time - The Royal Transylvanians
  12. The Alligator King - The Alligator King
  13. Count It Higher - Chris and the Alphabeats
    Music and Lyrics by Christopher Cerf
    from Letters ...and Numbers, Too!

Side Two

  1. Counting is Wonderful (reprise) - The Count
  2. Country Six (The Snail Song) - The Amazing Slim
  3. Numbers in the News - The Count
    Written by Joseph A. Bailey
  4. 1-2-3-4-5! - Five Bat Night
  5. Beep - Two Anything People
  6. Four Big Lions - The Amazing Slim
  7. I Just Adore "4" (from the musical comedy "Two Plus Two") - Big Bird and the Tarnish Brothers
  8. The "3" Song - The Amazing Slim and His Counting Fools, featuring "Red" Sales and His Son Seth
  9. Subtraction Blues - David
  10. Doll House - Dolly Pardon
  11. The Song of the Count - The Count
    from Letters ...and Numbers, Too!

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