Claude (left), Carlotta (middle) and their hatchling Cathy.
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson (Claude)
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Carlotta)
  Alice Dinnean (Cathy)
DEBUT 1997

The Cuckoos (emphasis on the "oo") are a family of cuckoo birds who moved into Big Bird's nest in Sesame Street Episode 3564.

Claude and Carlotta Cuckoo are in need of a place to live and use his nest to hatch their egg. The cuckoos claim to love cooperation (or "cu-cooperation" as they call it), and they demonstrate "the cuckoo way" of cooperating by agreeing to leave Big Bird's nest as long as he sits on the egg. They appoint him as "babysitter" so they can go to the movies.

Per the cuckoos' instructions, Big Bird sings "The Alphabet Song" over and over until the egg hatches, and he names their chatty baby "Cathy." After singing the cuckoo national anthem, "C is for Cuckoo," Claude and Carlotta change their minds and decide to stay longer, not wanting their newborn daughter to part from the only home she's ever known. Big Bird becomes upset with this development, and with encouragement from Maria, he confronts the cuckoos and convinces them to move to another nest in the park.

A similar bird family of three, recycled from the same generic bird puppets, appears in Episode 3854; where the parents leave their baby daughter in the care of Maria while they attend a bird meeting in Brooklyn.