Dark Crystal Discovery Adventure
Written by Ann Marcellino
Illustrator Ann Marcellino
Published June 5, 2018
Publisher Archaia
ISBN 1684151694

The Dark Crystal: A Discovery Adventure is a 2018 picture book featuring characters from The Dark Crystal. The illustrations feature landscapes that serve a "look and find" function.

Official description

Join Jen and Kira on a grand adventure through the world of Thra in their journey to restore the Dark Crystal. Help them find the missing shard, evade Skeksis, and heal their land. Each page contains dense artwork with hidden treasures waiting to be found as readers rediscover the magic of the cult-classic film.

Lush spreads that present Jim Henson and Brian Froud's fantastical vision of Thra and the wonderful creatures that live there, including: Aughra, Fizzgig, the Mystics, the Podlings, Landstriders, the fearsome Skeksis, and more!

Bonus Challenges take viewers deeper into the Crystal Castle or Aughra's Observatory.

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