Written by John Thomas Crain, Jr., Charles Edward Daniels, William Joel di Gregorio, Fred Laroy Edwards, Charles Fred Hayward, and James W. Marshall
Date 1979
Source Charlie Daniels Band, "Million Mile Reflections"
Publisher Songs of Universal, Inc.

On The Muppet Show, the Devil and Johnny performed the classic fiddle-duel "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" as the opening number in episode 420.

In the song, the Devil, in the mood to make a deal, hears young Johnny boasting about being the best fiddler there ever was. He challenges him to a contest: if Johnny wins, he gets the Devil's golden fiddle, but if the Devil wins, he gets Johnny's soul. Johnny wins the contest and the golden fiddle. Slim Wilson, Lubbock Lou, and Zeke play back-up.


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