Eagles nest

The Eagle's Nest was a "politics and punditry" segment on Muppets Tonight hosted by Sam the Eagle. Sam strived for serious discussion, but his attempts at legitimate debate were invariably derailed by characters like Andy and Randy Pig and Mr. Poodlepants.


Sam's two guests, Larry King and Mr. Poodlepants, have not shown up, so Andy and Randy are the guests. When Sam talks about bills, Andy and Randy think that he is calling them Bill. Mr. Poodlepants eventually arrives and thinks that the topic is "Texas," rather than "Taxes."
Andy and Randy put their fingers in their ears to avoid noise pollution. They can't hear what Sam says, and Sam eventually has to say the wrong thing to get them to take their fingers out of their ears.
When Sam asks Randy Pig if the peace accord will hold, Andy ties Randy up: "I'm seeing if this piece o' cord will hold Mr. Randy Pig!"
Sam thinks that kids today don't have enough heroes. Well, Andy and Randy have heroes alright -- hero sandwiches.
Andy and Randy have to go to the bathroom. Mr. Poodlepants balances a budgie on his finger. Bobo amazingly answers Sam's question correctly, but turns out to have eaten the budgie.
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