A well-known concern of Jim Henson, and a running theme throughout his work, was preserving nature and protecting the environment, and the interdependence of all aspects of nature. This was brought up regularly on Fraggle Rock, and more directly in public service spots for the National Wildlife Federation.

In 1990, Henson contributed a sketch to The Earth Day Special, a two-hour ABC special addressing environmental concerns. The one-minute sketch was written by Jerry Juhl and Bill Prady, and directed by Henson personally. The special aired on April 22, 1990, just weeks before Henson's death.

The cast included Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson), Robin the Frog (Jerry Nelson), Old Frog (Dave Goelz), Alligator (Kevin Clash), Iguana (David Rudman), Frogs.

Following the dramatic disappearance of Doc Brown, the scene cuts to Kermit, Robin, and a chorus of chanting frogs, watching the proceedings on television in a somewhat barren swamp.
Frogs (croaking as a group) Ribbit ribbit. Ribbit ribbit. Ribbit ribbit.
Kermit (as frogs continue croaking in background) You know, it sure gets pretty good reception here in the swamp, huh, Robin?
Robin Yeah, especially now that they got cable.
Frogs Yup yup. Yup yup. Yup yup.
Alligator We got it to watch the gator bowl!
Frogs Go team. Go team. Go team.
Robin Hey, Uncle Kermit? This Earth Day show makes it look like things are pretty bad for the people.
Frogs Gloom gloom. Gloom gloom. Gloom gloom.
Kermit Yeah. Well, actually it's worse for the animals.
Robin You mean, like us? What's all this stuff doing to us?
Old Frog (entering from the left) It's killing us off!
Kermit Yeah. You see, when people mismanage the earth, they destroy our homes.
Iguana Yeah, and the next thing you know, another species is extinct.
Frogs Doom doom. Doom doom. Doom doom.
Robin Oh, I'd hate to be extinct. Even for a few minutes!
Kermit Well, you don't become extinct for a few minutes, Robin. It's forever.
Robin gapes, open-mouthed, in astonishment.
Old Frog This swamp used to teem with life! But it's quieter now. Some of the old animals are gone.
Frogs (no longer background noise) Dead and gone, dead and gone.
Robin Huh, all this doesn't seem to have much effect on people. There's more of them all the time!
Kermit True.
Frogs Gloom gloom. Gloom gloom. Gloom gloom.
Robin Hey, Uncle Kermit? Could we become... extinct?
Other frogs fall silent.
Kermit Well, it's possible. Unless people can try to fix the damage they've caused to the earth.
Frog chorus, now including the old frog, pipes up again, with "Hope hope. Hope hope."
Robin So it's really not up to us.
Kermit No, it's not. It's up to people.
Frogs Up to them. Up to them. Up to them. Up to them. Up to them...
Fade to black
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