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Hilarity for Charity 01

The El Sleezo Cafe is a rough dive featured in The Muppet Movie. An establishment so unruly even the owner is thrown out, the food at the El Sleezo includes variations on frog legs. The clientele is a motley collection of bikers, sailors, lumberjacks, cowboys, one-eyed midgets, and other tough customers. Entertainment, while normally supplied by the El Sleezo Cuties, is provided by Fozzie Bear with accompaniment provided by a piano player on the night that Kermit visits.

The word "Cafรฉ" is typically written with an accent over the e, but the management of the El Sleezo has no time for such refinements.

According to the Netflix special Hilarity for Charity, Fozzie returned to the El Sleezo in 1991.

As of 2020, the giant El Sleezo Cafe sign was held inside a Portland storage facility by Brian Knott, son of Robbie Knott who worked as a special effects supervisor for the film. It was featured on the eighth episode of the Disney+ series Prop Culture.