Music by Bill Sherman
Lyrics by Judith Freudberg
Date 2009
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 4220
Sesame Street Elmo Slide

Sesame Street Elmo Slide

Elmo sings "The Elmo Slide."

"The Elmo Slide" is a Sesame Street song performed by Elmo. In a U Tube video, Elmo shows how to do his dance. The dance is intercut with footage of New York citizens and celebrities (Ryan Reynolds, Alton Brown, Terrence Howard, and Usher) dancing along.

The song is a parody of the "Cha Cha Slide." The song was briefly reprised in the street story of Episode 4818, retaining Kevin Clash's original vocals despite Ryan Dillon performing Elmo throughout the rest of the story.


  • The video is shown to have a five-star rating and 5,898,980,098 views.
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