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Gobo and Red consult the Fraggle's "Encyclopedia Fragglia"

The Encyclopedia Fragglia is a book of wisdom that Red and Gobo consult in the third season Fraggle Rock episode "Wembley and the Mean Genie." The name is a reference to Encyclopedia Britannica.

The World's Oldest Fraggle also consults the book in the animated Fraggle Rock episode, "What Boober's Nose Knows".

Production document

The production team also used the "Encyclopedia Fragglia" title for an internal document compiled by Karen Prell and other production staff. The document listed production data for each episode, including air dates, tape dates, song titles, performer roles, and director and writer credits. The document has never been available to the general public; it is simply a photocopied set of pages printed on a dot-matrix printer.

In an interview, Prell explained her process and motivation:

β€œ When I originally wrote it, it was during Fraggle Rock and so much was being established about the show, but not being officially recorded, so I just started writing up all the details. I had this little 2k portable typewriter that I was writing it up on where I would write a page and then erase the memory so I could write another page, so I really couldn't properly edit it, but I just wanted to get all the information written down because I enjoyed being involved in a lot of the story meetings for Fraggle Rock and being involved with the writers trying to come up with ideas of all the history and characters of Fraggle Rock. This was a way of recording all the Fraggle history that we were creating every week. Then the writers and various people appreciated having the Encyclopedia just to remember what characters and concepts had been created right at their fingertips to have all the information there. They'd look through it and go, "Oh yes! We created that character a while ago. Let's bring that character back. That will work good in this show." It also kept track of all the songs and the various Uncle Matt adventures. I just wanted to capture all this information. The last season, the people in the administrative office filled in the information.[1]”

In the late '90s, Jerry Juhl gave copies of the document to two fans who were working on Muppet projects -- Danny Horn, who was publishing MuppetZine at the time, and Chris Vaughn, who created Chris' Fraggle Rock Page.

This document has proved to be an invaluable resource for Fraggle fans, providing official character names, song titles, tape dates and performer roles.

PDF of the entire document.