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DEBUT 1989


The Extremes are a singing group of unnamed alien-like creatures who appeared on the first two episodes of The Jim Henson Hour, performing "Neutron Dance" in episode 101 and "Maneater" in episode 102.

The four Extreme performers:

Purple Extreme: Sharon Lee Williams
Yellow Extreme: Steve Whitmire
Blue Extreme: Kevin Clash
Orange Extreme: Jerry Nelson

Various members of the Extremes also popped up occasionally on Muppets Tonight. In episode 101, Nigel tells the crew to run the tape of the Koozebanian dance number, which features members of the Extremes, suggesting that they may be from the Planet Koozebane.


Episode 101: Outer Space
Episode 102: Oceans
Episode 108: Videotape
"Alien Opera"
"The Three Silly Bears" (Pizza Palor)
Episode 101: Michelle Pfeiffer
Episode 102: Garth Brooks
Episode 206: Paula Abdul
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