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PERFORMER Joey Mazzarino
DEBUT 1997
PATTERN Orange Gold

The Fairy Godperson is the resident wish-granting fairy of Sesame Street. His performer and appearance are generally consistent, but his name and specific powers are not. Like Lecture Lady or Mr. Gameshow, his name in dialogue is tailored to his function on an episode-to-episode basis.

His earliest appearance was in Episode 3653 as Wolfgang's Fairy Godperson. He appeared again as the Jacket Fairy in two episodes (Episode 3858 and Episode 3974), the Fairy Bubbleperson in Episode 3877, the Dog Fairy in Episode 4017, and as Elmo's Fairy Godperson in Episode 4080. In the latter, he grants Elmo's wish of being a bird. He carries with him a cellular wand which has recorded a number of instances in which Elmo has made the wish. After Elmo has had his fun, he summons his Fairy Godperson again to change him back into a monster.

In Episode 4128, he appears with a tall stack of hair, as the Hairy Godperson. He appears when Zoe wishes she had longer hair, like Rapunzel, and grants her wish with the aid of his magic curling iron.

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