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Miss Piggy with adoring guests George Hamilton and John Ritter.


Piggy advises to "snackcercise."


Ritter impersonating Miss Piggy.


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The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show is a one-hour television special starring the glamorous Miss Piggy, which aired on ABC on September 17, 1982. Miss Piggy hosts her own variety show, with special guests John Ritter, George Hamilton, and Andy Kaufman (as "Tony Clifton"). The special was filmed in Toronto between August 9 and 24, 1982.[1]

Under the direction of Kermit the Frog, the Muppets work in the studio control room and, amidst chaos, manage to keep the show on the air. Throughout the show, a romantic triangle develops among Miss Piggy, Ritter (who is smitten with the pig) and Hamilton (who is deeply uncomfortable with the star's romantic inclinations).

Highlights include:

  • Miss Piggy demonstrates her aerobic "Snackcercise routine."
  • Hamilton and Miss Piggy appear as King and Queen of The Luau at a Polynesian-style ceremony.
  • Ritter assists consumer advocate Miss Piggy in the segment "Don't Take It Lying Down Sucker."
  • Vegas-style entertainer Clifton sings a medley of pop songs and show tunes.
  • Kermit becomes jealous when Miss Piggy performs a love scene with Hamilton as Cary Grant.
  • Miss Piggy sings a solo rendition of "You Light Up My Life" and leads a musical salute to the year.
  • Hamilton sings "Three Times a Lady" to her, and joins her for a medley of standards and love songs.

As the program concludes, Miss Piggy throws a tantrum and walks off the show after arguing with the network vice president about whether her show is a special or the pilot for a series. She laments, "I'm too delicate for show business."

Muppet Cast[]



The opening titles and voiceover kick-off the program announcing:

"The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show
starring the fantastic Miss Piggy.
Featuring Frank Oz
with guest stars: John Ritter, Tony Clifton,
special guest star George Hamilton,
and Jim Henson's Muppets."

The closing credits of the special have additional superlatives added to each credit. Part of the way through the credit roll, Kermit tells them to "speed up the credits, we're almost out of time" and the final credits scroll by at a faster speed as the show ends.

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