"The Monster on the Street"

"The Farmer in the Dell" a well-known children's song and nursery rhyme.

Big Bird and the kids performed the song on the 1997 album Kids' Favorite Songs. It was also performed in a medley by Lee Ann Womack in Kids' Favorite Country Songs.

Elmo, Rosita and Big Bird later performed a version of the song, "The Monster on the Street," in a 2018 web video. (YouTube) (First: Episode 5009)


  • In Episode 2691 of Sesame Street, Telly Monster feels empathy for the cheese mentioned in the song (which "stands alone"), so he decides to spend all day keeping company with a hunk of cheese.
  • The tune served as the basis for the "Monster for a Day" song in Episode 4024 of Sesame Street.


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