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Poughkeepsie Barons 1977 League Champions

The Fred Award is a bowling trophy presented at the first annual Muppet Awards in The Muppet Show episode 412. It is awarded by the Muppet Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The award bears the inscription "Poughkeepsie Barons, 1977 League Champions".


  • Best Song of the Year:
  • Best Unexplainable Creature:
  • Best Foreign Act:
  • Best Performance by an Inanimate Object or Group of Inanimate Objects:
  • Best Comedy Performance by a Bear:
  • Best Stunt:
  • Best Guest Star Appearance:
  • All of the guest stars from the previous 83 episodes are nominated (as well as three guests from later episodes, and Seรฑor Wences from the next season!)
  • Best Sketch:
(officially nominated for the episode "Pig Alien," but after some dispute, the cast chooses "Strangepork Takes Up Disco")
  • Performer of the Year:
  • The Peace Prize:
  • Not given that year



Kirk Thatcher, the host of the first day of Muppetfest, brought his Emmy Award onstage in order to show it off. On the second day, host Craig Shemin brought his bowling trophy onstage, claiming that it was a prestigious Fred Award. The "Fred" was later given away to a fan as a prize for answering a trivia question.