Premiere September 26, 2014
Network UK: BBC
US: Sprout
Episodes 103

The Furchester Hotel cast


Season 2 cast

The Furchester Hotel is a Sesame Street spin-off and co-production for CBeebies (BBC's preschool network), first shown September 26, 2014.

Set in the titular hotel, the series stars a monster family that runs the hotel: father Furgus Fuzz, mother Funella Furchester and daughter Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz. Elmo appears in the series as Phoebe's cousin, who is taking an extended stay at the hotel due to his fascination with it. Cookie Monster appears as the room-service and dining room waiter. Other characters include Isabel, a character with a bell in her head for the guests to ring, Gonger, the hotel chef and Harvey P. Dull, a long-term guest of the hotel.

The series promotes problem solving, as the monsters try to figure out issues developed by their unique Muppet guests. Fifty-two, 11-minute episodes were produced beginning in February 2014 MediaCityUK in Salford.

Beginning in November 2014, full episodes began being posted weekly to SesameStreet's YouTube Channel and Sesame Go. In January 2015, episodes were made available for purchase in the iTunes Store. Beginning in fall 2016, the series made its US television debut on Sprout. It was later removed from the block in March 2, 2019. In February 2017, the first 52 episodes were made available for streaming on Netflix.

In 2015, the show began airing in other countries, often with localized dubs. See International Furchester Hotel for more.

In February 2016, it was announced that a second season of the series was commissioned to start taping in May. The season consists of 50 episodes (as well as a double-length Christmas special) and features guest appearances by Big Bird, Count von Count and the Martians.[1] The season premiered on October 31.


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Each episode of The Furchester Hotel begins with an overhead shot of the city, with a series of waterways and buildings placed in the shape of the face of one of the show's characters.

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