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Game Awards
Game Awards Animal presenter
Gonzo Game Awards announcement 2023

The Game Awards is an annual awards show (since 2014) celebrating achievements in the video game industry and to show off exclusive footage from upcoming projects. The show is produced and hosted by game journalist Geoff Keighley, and is the successor to the Spike Video Game Awards, which began in 2003 and ceased in 2013, and is solely streamed online through various websites and console platforms.


  • On November 29, 2018, Geoff Keighley, announced Pepe the King Prawn as a presenter for the December 6 awards ceremony. During the show, he, along with internet personality Ninja, presented the award for Best Indie Game. During the presentation, armed with a selfie stick, he made attempts to get "shelfies."
  • Animal appeared as a presenter for Best Score and Music during the 2022 ceremony on December 8.[3] During his appearance, Animal is revealed to be an Elden Ring fan fond of the boss Malenia, and that he wants to collaborate with Hideo Kojima on a game, noting that he can hide in boxes (referencing Solid Snake from Kojima's Metal Gear series); he also revealed that, if he were to have a game of his own, he would call it "Animal Crossing."
  • Gonzo helped present the award for Best Independent Game during the 2023 ceremony on December 7.[4] He claims to have played a lot of Tears of the Kingdom, getting stuck on the Cucco mission on purpose, and demonstrates the trend of chickens in video games with visual aid (really a conspiracy theory chart with a chicken named "Zelda" in the center). Bill Barretta puppeteered Gonzo to Dave Goelz's voice track for this appearance.[5]

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