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Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1970
Publisher Green Fox Music Inc.
Jonico Music Inc.

Season 2 version with Anything Muppet hippies

"The Garden" is a Sesame Street song from the first season about trash, sung by Susan to Oscar in Episode 0118. It warns that if you make a mess without cleaning it up, you will end up with a "glop, glop, grungy, glop garden" where anything in that area you made the mess in used to be. The song was sung again in episode 0529.

The song was later turned into an insert the following season, performed by a trio of Anything Muppet hippies; during the bridge, the lead hippie (a Fat Blue Muppet performed by Jerry Nelson) tells Cookie Monster and Grover to stop littering. (First: Episode 0266)



Susan and Oscar's version:


Other versions

  • The song was used in the garden stage of the Elmo's Number Journey video game for Nintendo 64 and Playstation.