Kira and Jen in the ruins of the Gelfling city.


Kira on a throne within the ruins.


The Gelflings discover the city's Wall of Destiny...


...before being ambushed by a Skeksis.

The Gelfling Ruins are referred to by Kira as "the houses of the old ones." As Kira and Jen enter through the gates within a section of the ruins, Kira tells of the Gelfling slaughter carried out by the Skeksis which left the area uninhabited for many years.

Through the gates is an open-air room throne room. There is an ornate throne, opposite the Wall of Destiny which houses The Prophecy of the Crystal. It is in these ruins that Jen first reads the prophecy and with Kira's help, begins to understand his place therein.

Landstriders inhabit the outskirts of the ruins, and are called upon by Kira to aid in transporting her and Jen towards The Castle of the Crystal.