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The Big Tomato.

Apple and Eggplant.

The Get Healthy Now Show is a 24-minute resource video special produced by Sesame Workshop in 2007. In the video, Elmo, Telly Monster, and Rosita present a variety show emphasizing healthy eating habits and exercise.

Complications arise when special guest performer the Big Tomato is running late. Substitute acts include the Fruit and Veggie Five, Rosita's "Sometime, Anytime Food Game," and Count von Count and a group of Anything Muppets demonstrating the way to maintain a healthy heart.

The Sesame Street monsters wear costumes for the big finale -- Elmo dresses as broccoli, Telly as asparagus, and Rosita as a tortilla. The Big Tomato finally arrives for the finale.

In October 2007, the video was made available as a free download from the iTunes Store as part of the Learn Along with Sesame series. The video is also viewable on Sesame Workshop's website.


  • In the finale, the monsters are wearing their costumes from Prairie Dawn's Healthy Food Pageant in episode 4122, which aired in 2006.
  • Frankie, a Muppet caricature of long-time Sesame cameraman Frank Biondo, appears in the background as a stagehand.