Concept sketch for the Gorgs' Castle by Michael Frith.

The Gorgs' Castle is home to the royal Gorg family on Fraggle Rock. Considering Pa and Ma Gorg's stature as king and queen of the Universe, the castle is a modest stucture, with no more than two levels apparent from the exterior shots.

Just outside the castle is the Gorgs' garden, where Junior, the Gorg prince, can often be found tending to the royal radish crop.

The interior of the Gorgs' castle has been seen in a few Fraggle Rock episodes, including "Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe," in which Mokey and Gobo find themselves in the Gorgs' kitchen. Another episode in which the Gorgs' castle interior was seen for a fairly brief moment was "The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles."

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