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The exterior of Fraggle Rock as seen from the Gorgs' Garden.


Michael Frith's location map.

The Gorgs' Garden is located behind the decaying castle that is the home of the three Gorgs. This is where Junior Gorg grows his radishes and other giant vegetables. Fraggles must sneak into the Garden in order to obtain food (this is Mokey's job), and to consult with Marjory the Trash Heap. Doozers mine Junior's radishes from underneath the Garden and turn them into Doozer Sticks.

It is remarkable that the Garden has its own sky and is clearly not "underground", yet it is not located anywhere in the human world, the "Outer Space" that can be entered through another exit from Fraggle Rock. The implication seems to be that Fraggle Rock is somehow a nexus between several quite distinct dimensions or levels of reality.

From the Fraggles' perspective, the Gorgs' Garden was discovered by young Traveling Matt during a mushroom blight, although the Doozers had already been mining radishes for years.

Notable features of the Gorgs' Garden include the following:

The animated Fraggle Rock also featured a shack in "The Great Radish Round Up" where Ma Gorg and Pa Gorg had Junior Gorg store the harvested radishes when they wanted to replace them with Banoony Berries to keep the Fraggles away.