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Grundgetta with the Grouchketeers

The Grouchketeers are a group of real kids dressed in costumes based on their leader, Oscar the Grouch. Oscar depends on them to help him demonstrate things to the viewer (such as a game of "Three of These Things"), help him make things trashy or noisy, and sometimes even find him some more trash. Telly was also a long-time Grouchketeer after having been inducted in Episode 1566.

One of the group's earliest meetings was held in Episode 1118 for the purpose of "making little grouches a little smarter". Oscar had previously referred to a gathering of kids as his "grouch club" in Episode 1041.

An appearance in Episode 1952 featured Grundgetta leading a Grouchketeer meeting and playing "Cross it Out." Grundgetta calls the kids up and asks them to cross out a different thing on her card. David calls her out on something; the kids are good at crossing things out, but she's done nothing. She gets the card and crosses the whole thing out.

In Episode 3963, Rosita wanted to be a Grouchketeer, and was grouchy because she didn't get to be one. She became so angry at Oscar, that he was impressed and made Rosita a Grouchketeer.

The club was last featured during season 38.


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