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Grundgetta with the Grouchketeers

Oscar holds a virtual Grouchketeer meeting in Episode 5207.

The Grouchketeers are a group of real kids dressed in costumes based on their leader, Oscar the Grouch. Oscar depends on them to help him demonstrate things to the viewer (such as a game of "Three of These Things"), help him make things trashy or noisy, and sometimes even find him some more trash. Telly was also a long-time Grouchketeer after having been inducted in Episode 1566.

One of the group's earliest meetings was held in Episode 1118 for the purpose of "making little grouches a little smarter". Oscar had previously referred to a gathering of kids as his "grouch club" in Episode 1041.

An appearance in Episode 1952 featured Grundgetta leading a Grouchketeer meeting and playing "Cross it Out." Grundgetta calls the kids up and asks them to cross out a different thing on her card. David calls her out on something; the kids are good at crossing things out, but she's done nothing. She gets the card and crosses the whole thing out.

In Episode 3963, Rosita wanted to be a Grouchketeer, and was grouchy because she didn't get to be one. She became so angry at Oscar, that he was impressed and made Rosita a Grouchketeer.

The club was last featured during season 38, and made a return appearance in season 52. In their latest incarnation, the Grouchketeer uniforms have been changed. The trash can lid hats are designed similar to mortarboards, with various bits of trash and garbage stuck to them. The members also wear dull grey T-shirts that bear an image of Oscar's scowling face.


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