PERFORMER Ron Mueck puppeteer
  Fulton MacKay voice
DEBUT 1985
DESIGN Lyle Conway designer/sculptor
  John Stephenson feather application

The Gryphon, from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, appeared in the Creature Shop film Dreamchild.

The Gryphon, along with the Mock Turtle, are the first Wonderland characters encountered in the dreams and imaginations of the now elderly Alice Hargreaves. The towering, harsh gryphon speaks in a Scots accent and mocks his companion's sorrows, saying it's all his fancy.

The Gryphon returns in the final sequence, once Alice's psychological issues with Rev. Charles Dodgson and their relationship are resolved. The Gryphon joins in with Alice and Dodgson's laughter, and tells the still sobbing Mock Turtle to shut up.

The Gryphon appears in the opening of The Jim Henson Hour holding a crystal ball that becomes the "O" in Hour.

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