Happy Wanderer
Music by Friedrich Wilhelm Möller
Lyrics by Friedrich-Wilhelm Möller (German), Antonia Ridge (English)
Date ca. 1953 (English)
Source Obernkirchen Children's Choir Parlophone recording
Publisher WB Music Corp.

"The Happy Wanderer" is sung by three hiking pigs (performed by Steve Whitmire, Richard Hunt, and Dave Goelz) in episode 401 of The Muppet Show. Unfortunately, every time they sing the third "Val-dera" of the chorus, something bad happens. The first two pigs fall over, but then the third pig gets hit by a bunch of falling rocks, which were sent down the mountain by a goat (performed by Frank Oz).

A variation of the song was performed years earlier by Rowlf the Dog and Jimmy Dean on the the season two finale of The Jimmy Dean Show.


  • The song is later referenced in another Muppet production featuring John Denver, the 1983 special Rocky Mountain Holiday, when Animal sings "Val-deri Val-dera" as he treads through the forest carrying everyone's packs.
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