PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1996

The head of the KMUP network makes an appearance during the filming of Muppets Tonight episode 102, to make sure that the country singer performs some of his hit songs. When this hasn't happened by a third of the way through the show, he threatens to give the time slot to Bill the Bubble Guy unless the Muppets can make it happen.

When he starts brainstorming with Bill about what to call the new show, Clifford decides to get tough with Brooks and demand that he cut the shenanigans. By the final number, when the whole cast joins in singing a Garth Brooks song, the network head rescinds his promise to Bill and sings along with the cast to "We Shall Be Free." Bill, in turn, tries to blow him a deuce, but manages a five.

Though not given a name in the episode, Clifford refers to him as "Jer," in reference to the character's performer. The Head of the Network was later seen as a customer passing a hot baked ziti to Miss Kathleen at Johnny Fiama’s Pasta Playhouse on episode 208.

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