The Hoobmobile is the main means of transportation for the Hoobs on the television series The Hoobs.

The Hoobs live in the Hoobmobile and use it to travel all over the Earth. The vehicle is an Earth bus that was adapted to the needs of the Hoobs. The Hoobmobile is filled with the latest Hoob technology and decorated and furnished to remind the Hoobs of Hoobland.

It contains driving, recreational and technical areas. It has a Hoobystudio where Hoob News is broadcast, and it has an Engine Room comprised of musical components.

While each of the Hoobs is capable of driving the Hoobmobile, its "fuel" is the songs sung from within the engine by the Motorettes.

The hoobmobile can travel very fast through space as the hoobs have visited a lot of planets that are not even in this solar system.