The Hotel Excelsior is an English resort hotel in The Witches. Luke accompanies his grandmother to the seaside hotel, where she is taking a doctor-prescribed holiday. Their arrival is overshadowed by the presence of Miss Eva Ernst and members of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children for their fifth annual convention. Unbeknownst to the toadying owner/manager, Mr. Stringer, the conventioneers are actually a coven of witches from around the world.

Also staying at the Hotel Excelsior are the gluttonous Bruno Jenkins and his snobbish parents. The hotel staff, in addition to Stringer, includes chambermaid Marlena, a rodent-wary head chef, and temporarily at least, a witch in the kitchen. The society's banquet, with cress soup as the first course, wreaks havoc on the hotel premises, and potentially threatens its ranking in the Michelin guide.