Written by Julie Kraut
Illustrator Ellen Duda (design)
Published September 24, 2019
Publisher Macmillan/Imprint
Pages 160
ISBN 9781250304568

The Importance of Being Ernie (and Bert), subtitled A Best Friend's Guide to Life, is a Sesame Street book released in conjunction with the show's 50th anniversary. Following The Joy of Cookies and The Pursuit of Grouchiness, it continues the vein of books purportedly written by the Sesame characters and aimed primarily at adult readers.

Official description

The eternal question: Are you a Bert or an Ernie? You’ll find out thanks to The Importance of Being Ernie (and Bert). And this book will show you how to be best friends with those who wear their stripes a little differently.

Bert and Ernie have been friends and roommates on Sesame Street for decades, despite very different approaches to life’s challenges and joys. One collects jokes, the other collects paperclips. One loves pigeons, the other his Rubber Duckie. One sees the bathtub half-full, the other needs to empty it so he can give it a good scrub. But they both agree that having a best buddy is worth all the daily ups and downs.

There are no better experts on living together and learning together. Their guide to friendship will make the perfect gift for any Bert or Ernie in your life.

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