Jim Henson (left) and Duncan Kenworthy (right)

The Italian Film was the working title of a non-puppet theatrical film developed by Jim Henson around 1989.

Duncan Kenworthy discussed the project in a 1989 interview with Television/Radio Age magazine:

"We are stretching the definition of what constitutes a Jim Henson project," observes Henson International Television director of international production Duncan Kenworthy during a discussion of future Henson projects.

Kenworthy is particularly pleased about a forthcoming theatrical with the working title, The Italian Film. It's a love story about an Italian girl who witnesses a miracle, which, according to Kenworthy, "will not have any puppets, animatronics or anything else which would identify it with Jim Henson."

"If The Italian Film, is as big a success as I think it will be," predicts Kenworthy, "our potential to diversify may become unlimited."[1]


  1. A whole lot more than Muppets coming out of Henson International, Television/Radio Age, May 29, 1989 (page 25)