PERFORMER Jim Henson white hatted brother
  Frank Oz black hatted brother
DEBUT 1972

The James Twins (Jesse and Johnny) are a pair of cowpokes who appeared in a season 3 Old West sketch on Sesame Street. (First: Episode 0328) Similar to the Busby Twins, they are both Hot Pink Anything Muppets that speak in alternating, monosyllabic parts.

At the local saloon, word gets out that the James Twins are about to arrive. The patrons begin to panic and decide to do whatever the twins ask of them to avoid any trouble. The Twins arrive and demand some music, but due to their speech pattern, the patrons only hear "mus," and start going "mu." When they hear "ic," they aren't sure what they mean. Eventually, they put both parts together and everyone enjoys dancing to the saloon piano.

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