Written by Susan Hamilton
Douglas James Katsaros
Arthur Willmore Stead
Publisher Fuzzy Muppet Songs

"The Jim Henson Hour Theme" is an instrumental song used as the opening and closing theme for The Jim Henson Hour.

The opening begins with a shot of The Gryphon, who holds a crystal ball. The title then appears on-screen (with the ball seen inside the "O" of "Hour"), as some creatures (Droop, a lizard, and a snail, and a fourth creature) observe the ball. Droop pops the ball, which causes a tornado to appear.

Inside this tornado are various characters from the show (and other Henson productions). This sequence includes Bean Bunny in a cup, Digit, Gonzo, Emmet and Ma Otter in their rowboat, Miss Piggy, Mad Dog in a vehicle, The Swedish Chef tossing a pie at Fozzie Bear (who is in a TV set), Kermit the Frog on a bicycle, Prince Leo riding a wolf, and a picture of the Storyteller. The sequence ends with a shot of Jim Henson entering the room in which he makes his introductions.

The closing features a TV monitor zooming back from frame at Muppet Central. The monitor image features something to do with the second half hour program, sometimes with still images, other times (especially with The StoryTeller episodes) with a moving image. Monster Maker and Living with Dinosaurs are the only episodes where the closing credits sequence does not feature Muppet Central (but the same ending music is featured). Whenever the specials and StoryTeller episodes were shown outside of the program, the programs ended with what was in the monitors, but not presented in any monitors. Secrets of the Muppets is the only exception (as that's the only special from the show to be shown outside the series with regular opening and closing credits, as well as Jim Henson's intros and outros).

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