Bret McKenzie interviews Ernie and Kermit the Frog on April 22, 2018

The Jim Henson Retrospectacle is a three-week celebration of Jim Henson held in Wellington, New Zealand from April 9 - 29, 2018.

The event featured film and compilation screenings at the Embassy Theatre, along with workshops, puppetry master classes and Q&A sessions at Te Papa. Guests included Bonnie Erickson, Dave Goelz, Carmen Osbahr, Matt Vogel and Eric Jacobson. The entire event concluded with a two-night concert at the Michael Fowler Centre on April 27 and 28. The concert was hosted by Bret McKenzie, backed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and featured Muppet characters from The Muppet Show troupe, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock.[1]

The event had been in development since 2009.[2]

Event Calendar

  • April 14
Screening: The Muppet Movie
  • April 15
Screening: "Muppet Music Moments" (compilation), Labyrinth
Live Event: "Becoming Real: A Muppet Performers Journey with Dave Goelz"
  • April 16
Screening: "The Muppet Show: Muppetational Celebrational Special" (compilation)
  • April 17
Screening: "Jim Henson's Tales from Muppetland" (compilation)
Live Event: "Bonnie Erickson: The Woman Behind Miss Piggy"
  • April 18
Screening: "Miss Piggy: A Sow is Born" (compilation)
  • April 19
Screening: "Jim Henson: In Performance" (compilation)
Live Event: "Dave Goelz and Karen Prell in Conversation"
  • April 20
Screening: The Great Muppet Caper, The Dark Crystal
  • April 21
Screening: "Muppet History 101" (compilation), The Muppets
  • April 22
Screening: "The Muppets Heroic Sci-Fi Fantasy Spectacular" (compilation)
Live Event: "The Art of Television Puppetry with the Sesame Street Muppet Performers"
  • April 23
Screening: "Jim Henson: His Sesame Street Story" (compilation)
Live Event: "Extending and Honouring Jim's Legacy"
  • April 25
Screening: Follow That Bird
  • April 26
Screening: "This Frog: A Kermit Kompilation from Sam and Friends to Stardom" (compilation)
  • April 27
Live Event: The Jim Henson Retrospectacle Live in Concert (two performances)
Screening: "Sing! The Music of Sesame Street" (compilation)
  • April 28
Live Event: The Jim Henson Retrospectacle Live in Concert (two performances)
Screening: Muppets Most Wanted, "Commercials and Experiments" (compilation)
  • April 29
Screening: The Muppets Take Manhattan
Live Event: "Celebrating Jim"


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