The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date October 3, 1963
Guests Roy Clark, Milt Kamen, Karen Morrow
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Jimmy Dean introduces Rowlf the Dog (who was not originally intended to be a regular on the show) saying: "Last week, we had an old hound dog buddy of mine with us…and he turned out to be the hit of the show. We’ve had all kinds of people asking us to have him back again…so what else can I say except…here’s Rowlf!"[1]

Rowlf and Jimmy share a duet of "Side by Side." Rowlf messes up a cue, prompting Jimmy to silence the band and point out his mistake on the cue cards.


  • A clip of this performance was used in the 2013 PBS special The Jimmy Dean Show: Country Classics. (YouTube)


  1. 11/18/1965 – ‘Dean Show in Carnegie Hall’

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