The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date October 10, 1963
Guests The McGuire Sisters, Jack E. Leonard, Ron Martin, Stuart Hamblen
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club
1963 Jimmy Dean Show with Jackie Lenard

After a comical ballet performance by Jack E. Leonard, Rowlf the Dog signals to band leader Peter Matz to "hit it" and sings a brief song to Jimmy Dean: "If you're feelin' blue / and life doesn't suit ya / just one thing to do / put a dog in your future / a D-E-O-G [sic] / go out and get one today."

Jimmy says he enjoyed it, and asks who wrote the song. Rowlf takes credit, but admits he didn't write all of it: he wrote the lyrics with music by Irving Berlin's dog. They wrote a song a couple years ago called "How Much Is That Person in the Window?".

Rowlf asks Jimmy if they could record his song together, "Put a Dog in Your Future". Jimmy isn't so sure he wants to do that, deflating Rowlf's self esteem. They go back and forth on it a bit, further bruising Rowlf's ego, when ultimately Jimmy offers that he'll think about it and let him know next week. Finally, when Rowlf suggests he'll be out homeless on the street due to his friend's inhospitality considering Jimmy would jump at the chance to record something with the other guests or the band, Jimmy assures him that everyone on the show loves him.

Rowlf begins to take the sentiment to heart as Jimmy begins speaking the lyrics from "Consider Yourself", and segues into singing accompanied by Rowlf's commentary. They're soon joined by the McGuire Sisters who add their vocal harmony, followed by some in-house dancers who roll Jimmy and Rowlf's set piece to the center of the stage where Jack E. Leonard adds his comical flair to the song. The rest of the dancers assemble for a rousing finale set against a large sign that reads "WE LOVE ROWLF", celebrating with balloons, streamers, cheerleaders, and a cowboy hat of Rowlf's own.

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