The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date October 24, 1963
Guests Jane Morgan, Phil Ford & Mimi Hines, The Jubilee Four, Ron Martin
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Jimmy Dean sings "Home on the Range," but is interrupted shortly after the deer and the antelope playing by Rowlf the Dog, with a sign reading "Jimmy Dean Unfair to Dogs."

Rowlf resents Jimmy singing about other animals and not dogs. Jimmy apologizes but points out that there aren't too many dog songs. He says that changing animals, with "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Poodle" or "When the Dachshunds Return to Capistrano," wouldn't work. Rowlf can only think of "Get Along, Little Dogie" and is shocked to learn that "Dogie" refers to a calf (which means he should have been saying moo moo all this time).

To cheer Rowlf up, Jimmy sings a song he wrote which may sound familiar: Dean's hit "Big Bad John" rewritten as "Big Bad Dog" and a loving tribute to Rowlf.

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