The Jimmy Dean Show
Then ill Be Happy 11-7-63 2
Air Date November 7, 1963
Guests Jo Stafford, Don Adams, Jubilee Four, Elston Howard (Tennessee Governor), Frank Clement, Ron Martin
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

The show starts with the opening number "I've Been Working on the Railroad," where the cast's train is held up by a gang of desperadoes. Rowlf appears as the song reaches its end as the gun-touting sheriff. The villains submit themselves and Rowlf pulls the trigger - the gun fires a flag reading "HOWDY."

Later, Rowlf is seen doing some exercises. He tells Jimmy how much he wants to lose weight and Jimmy is shocked to hear all the food Rowlf eats on a daily basis. Jimmy recommends he go on a strict diet and details how it'll work - a half piece of lettuce for breakfast, skip lunch and a piece of parsley for dinner.

Despite the lack of meals, Rowlf still wishes to lose weight and claims to be terrified of gaining any ("All dogs are afraid of dog pounds," he says, eliciting groans from the entire studio audience). He's certain that nobody, not even Jimmy, could love a fat dog. Jimmy assures him that no matter how much weight he gains, he'll always remain his ol' hound dog buddy. The two proceed to sing "Then I'll Be Happy."

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