The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date January 16, 1964
Guests Jane Morgan, Johnny Tillotson, George Kirby, Duke of Paducah, Buck Owens, Smitty & The Virginians
Releases The Best of the Jimmy Dean Show
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf the Dog is seen briefly during the opening number, "Sugar Foot Rag."

Jimmy Dean happens upon Rowlf all geared up as a beatnik, playing a swinging tune on the trombone. He says he's been taking lessons from the greatest trombonist of them all, Rubberlips Levine. He flies in from Chicago twice a week without a plane to tutor Rowlf. He's become good enough that he plans to release his own album, but it won't have a hole in it: when folks buy it, they'll just have to take his word for it that it's good.

Jimmy offers that he can play some jazz on the piano. His demonstration is met with a lackluster response from Rowlf, figuring on his performance as rather square (evidenced by his pantomime to the audience). Rowlf counters that one shouldn't be able to pick out the melody in jazz, so he provides his own interpretation, taking up the keys himself -- a shtick he would later become famous for on The Muppet Show.

He figures on the two of them heading out to Birdland after the show and riffing with the greats. Jimmy concedes that it's not really his style and convinces Rowlf to stick around. The two end the sketch with a rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" with Jimmy on piano and Rowlf on ukulele.

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