The Jimmy Dean Show
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Air Date January 23, 1964
Guests Johnny Cash, Molly Bee, Boots Randolph, Phil Ford & Mimi Hines, Grandpa Jones
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

In the opening number, Rowlf the Dog appears dressed as an Indian. Jimmy Dean approaches him, raises his hand, and say "how". Rowlf replies as if it's a question, "Well, it's very easy. You put a feather on your head and a tomahawk in your hand..."

Rowlf appears alone with an ice bag on his head, writing out his Last Will and Testament because he's sick. He leaves an autographed picture of himself to the love of his life, Lassie, and the negative to his best friend Jimmy Dean.

Jimmy joins him to find out what's going on, but he deduces that Rowlf has become a hypochondriac. Rowlf demands that he leave his religion out of this, but Jimmy takes his temperature to see how sick he really is and finds it normal. Rowlf, nonetheless, continues to list off his possible ailments.

Jimmy tells him that since he's talked himself into being sick, he's got to talk himself into being well. He orates, "I'm as frisky as a colt. I'm strong as an ox. I'm healthy as a horse." Rowlf says there's only one thing wrong: he's as sick as a dog.

Still not convince, Jimmy says that you've got to always think "plus", never think "minus". To help illustrate his point, he sings "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive". Rowlf eventually comes around and joins him in song.

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