The Jimmy Dean Show
Rowlf Lassie2
Air Date February 20, 1964
Guests Julius LaRosa, Skeeter Davis, George Kirby, Lassie.
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Lassie returns as a guest on the show, and Rowlf the Dog is still lovestruck.


The show opens with a song ("Walk Right In") set in a Native American camp. Rowlf appears toward the end to deliver a "How'" to the audience while wearing an unusually long feather.

When Jimmy Dean shows his set off to the audience, Rowlf pops up behind his usual bench and excitedly asks if Lassie has arrived yet. He resents Jimmy's quip that she took a Greyhound to get there.

Later in the show, anxious to impress "Miss Lassie," Rowlf pops up in a collar and tie (and heavily perfumed). He hopes to land an acting role on Lassie's TV show, to be around her more often. They practice a typical Lassie plot, first with Lassie herself (accompanied by trainer Rudd Weatherwax) jumping over fences and hedges to save Rowlf.

Later, the tables are turned and Rowlf has to run to her, jump in the river and fight the current, and run faster lickety-split. (Rowlf: "Ah! I think I've just split my lickety!") Lassie grapples with a villain for a stick of dynamite, which she tosses to Rowlf (who throws it behind the set, with explosive results). When Jimmy finally decides to leave the couple alone for romantic purposes, Rowlf serenades Lassie with "Oh! You Beautiful Doll."


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