The Jimmy Dean Show
Rowlf for President 3 5 64.jpg
Air Date March 12, 1964
Guests Buck Owens, Molly Bee, Don Adams
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

In the opening, Rowlf the Dog sings one line of "Deep in the Heart of Texas."

For his main spot, Jimmy Dean finds him reading the newspaper, ignoring news of Barry Goldwater and other candidates to focus on the real news: Little Orphan Annie to marry Daddy Warbucks (with Sandy as best man; "Arf arf," says Rowlf.)

Rowlf and Jimmy discuss politics and the presence of a woman candidate, before Rowlf starts spouting nonsense as a prelude to his own campaign. He quotes Muhammad Ali ("I am the greatest") and then he and Jimmy sing "Vote for Rowlf" (to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Boy" and "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight"). His running mate will be Rin Tin Tin and his first lady will be Lassie.

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