The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date March 26, 1964
Guests Jack Jones, Hank Snow, Professor Backwards, and Four Cuties from Hackensack
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

The opening number, "Dear Hearts and Gentle People," features the guests twirling their guns. Rowlf the Dog also attempts, but drops his.

Rowlf is preparing a birthday cake for the love of his life, Lassie. The recipe came from Betty Crocker's dog, the eggs from a chicken friend, and the milk from a cow Rowlf knows ("That takes a little pull.")

Jimmy Dean and Rowlf do the "bitter batter" tongue twister. After hand lettering a lengthy note on top in icing, Rowlf prepares to mail the cake... but knocks it to the ground. Rowlf begins to cry (at which point the audience applauds loudly), but Jimmy consoles his ol' buddy by singing "When You're Smiling."

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