The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date April 16, 1964
Guests Vikki Carr, Carl Smith, Milt Kamen
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

The show opens with a musical number, "Lay My Money Down," set in a casino. Rowlf makes a brief appearance, donning a visor and attempting to play a shell game.

Rowlf later re-appears, dressed in a top hot and bow tie, hosting the Animal Actors Academy Awards ("In case you're wonderin', I'm not Jack Lemmon."). A gorilla exits from the front door and gives Rowlf the envelope for the "Best Acting Performance by an Animal" award. He reads the nominees - Lassie, Mister Ed and Smokey the Bear, and the winner turns out to be himself.

Jimmy comes over to congratulate Rowlf, who informs Jimmy that he was the sole vote on the committee, as Hollywood always overlooks animal actors when award season comes (citing the snake from Cleopatra as the overlooked star of the year). He continues to cite other awardless personalities - Huckleberry Hound, Woody Woodpecker and John Wayne ("After all the times he saved our country too!").

Jimmy announces that he will present Rowlf with an award of his own - the Rover for being the "Best Talking Dog on The Jimmy Dean Show." He encourages Rowlf to make a speech and Rowlf proceeds to thank all the various people who have helped him, deliberately leaving Jimmy out until he reveals he's merely joking. Jimmy is certain Rowlf will be big one day and begins to sing "You Oughta Be in Pictures" with Rowlf. Mid-way through, they break to allow Rowlf to act out his own interpretation of How the West Was Won, before finishing the number.

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