The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date April 23, 1964
Guests Buck Owens, Molly Bee, Don Adams, Toots Thielemans
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

After walking at the World’s Fair at Long Island, Rowlf the Dog's feet are killing him (and causing more puns than usual). He brought back souvenirs: a genuine imported Swiss cheese from the Switzerland exhibit, a serape from the Mexican pavilion, an Alaskan polar bear tooth necklace, a conical straw hat from the Japanese exhibit (but it causes Rowlf to launch into a stock Chinese dialect, including a reference to Charlie Chan’s Number One Son), and a mask from the South American exhibit.

Jimmy Dean recognizes the last as the mask of a Peruvian rain god. The name is inscribed on the back: “Mugga Wugg Chapultepec.” This translates to “Bow to me or I’ll flood your basement.”Rowlf and Jimmy sing “Meet Me in St. Louis,” retitled “Meet Me in Long Island, Louie,” and Jimmy acts as barker in between stanzas. At the end of the routine, Jimmy Dean encourages the audience to stay tuned for the rest of the show, and Rowlf (as the rain god) says if they don’t, “I’ll ruin your next picnic.”

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