The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date September 17, 1964
Guests Roger Miller, Don Adams, Molly Bee
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

As Rowlf's usual theme plays, Jimmy Dean tells the audience that he sent Rowlf to summer camp a week ago and was expected to return tonight, only he hasn't seen him anywhere. Sure enough, Rowlf appears when called, having returned from his week at Camp Apache.

He begins to tell Jimmy about the camp; though there were several aspects that were less than ideal, Rowlf celebrates the fact that it was a co-ed camp. He then recites the camp cheer, which ends up cheering for a kid named Melvin (who wrote it). Rowlf goes on to describe how the mornings would go - the bulge would blow at 5am and chores would begin, only for Melvin (the only one awake at the hour). Rowlf also learned to swim and play tennis, demonstrating with a stringless racquet ("So what? We didn't use a ball!").

Rowlf continues to wax about his camp activities (particularly the multiple beatings they applied to Melvin), then notices Jimmy looking forlorn. Jimmy points out that despite bankrolling Rowlf's entire trip, he never even received a post card from his best hound dog buddy. Rowlf admits that he's a "dirty dog" and assures Jimmy that he's most happy right here in the studio with Jimmy. The two proceed to sing "Back in Your Own Backyard."

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