The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date September 24, 1964
Guests Molly Bee, Charlie Callas, Buck Owens
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf has caught a case of the hiccups. He tries to remedy it by putting a paper bag over his head, but it does nothing but make him afraid of the dark. He spills his woes to Jimmy Dean ("Now I now how Dean Martin feels."), who gives a medical explanation for hiccups. "Meet my boss - the Texas Ben Casey," says Rowlf.

Jimmy recommends Rowlf drink some water to cure his hiccups and produces a pitcher. He drinks the entire pitcher, which doesn't cure his hiccups (though he catches a "salmon swimming upstream.") Jimmy then asks Rowlf to cover his eyes as he puts on a freakish mask, intending to scare Rowlf's hiccups away. Rowlf reacts normally at the sight of Jimmy's mask, commenting on how his teeth are better and his ears are much smaller. He ducks in fright when Jimmy takes the mask off.

Jimmy tries one more idea - getting Rowlf to do some deep breathing. Rowlf inhales and retains so much air, his belly button blows out. While searching for where it went, Rowlf realizes his hiccups are cured. He begins to head off, when Jimmy drags him back and calls him out for his lack of gratitude. The two refuse to speak to each other for a moment, before launching into a duet of "Wait 'Till the Sun Shines, Nellie."

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