The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date February 18, 1965
Guests Bobby Vinton, Homer and Jethro, Molly Bee
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

During the open, Rowlf assembles all the special guests. Rowlf provides some pointers to Bobby Vinton, making his first appearance on the show. Rowlf tells Vinton to avoid touchy subjects with Jimmy Dean, such as his big ears, height and affinity for bad jokes. The guests all point out to Rowlf that Jimmy has been listening the entire time and Rowlf succumbs his future role in the unemployment line.

Soon after, Rowlf, clad in bow tie, shaves for upcoming date with Lassie after the show. He begins to describe to Jimmy how the date will go, but Jimmy protests the idea of Lassie having to pay for their cab and checking their coats at the restaurant.

He proceeds to give Rowlf a lesson on proper date etiquette, simulating how dinner would go with a makeshift dinner table. Rowlf doesn't seem to fall in line with Jimmy's lesson, such as fanning his hot soup with a prop pizza pie. Rowlf insists he can be a gentlemen and acts out the proper way his evening will go (though he still slurps his soup). The two end the sketch by singing a re-written version of "There'll Be Some Changes Made."

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